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Chartered Professional Accountants of Vaughan, Ontario


A few words about Chartered Professional Accountants Of Ontario

Who Are We?

A N G CPA Professional Corporation we are Chartered Professional Accountants in Vaughan, Ontario is an accredited accounting firm. We are specialized in providing top-notch accounting and tax services in Ontario and all over the Canada. Our objective is to make your business grow. We offer professional accounting and tax services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, charities and professional individuals. Our philosophy is a long-term client relationship aimed to achieve all your business and financial goals.

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+30 Years of Expertise

As a Chartered Professional Accountants of Vaughan, Ontario We have been serving small businesses and professionals the best accounting and tax services since 1990. Our team of experienced accountants and tax experts has the right skills, knowledge and expertise to assist in your business growth.


Affordable Solutions

We value your money. We provide affordable solutions to meet your business needs. We have set fixed packages for our clients to avoid any additional costs. We determine our prices based on your business or personal needs so that you do not have to worry about any additional expenses.

Quality Oriented

We serve high quality, satisfactory, accurate and timely services to our clients. We proficiently serve the most challenging accounting and tax needs of our clients. We have incorporated the state-of-the-art cloud accounting programs to maintain our quality benchmarks.

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Services we provide

What We Offer

Accounting Services

Every client’s accounting needs are unique. We are ready to meet all your demands and provide you with the best accounting services in town. We provide online professional accounting services to all businesses across Canada. Consider hiring our accounting services for efficient, accurate, reliable and complete accounting needs.

Bookkeeping Services

Every business requires an online bookkeeping system. We as a CPA Ontario Professional Corporation use online bookkeeping programs to manage our client’s books remotely. Our virtual bookkeeping system allows our clients to easily access their books from their mobile phones anytime. Having an online bookkeeping system is a need of this time. Consider us, if you are looking for professional yet affordable bookkeeping services.

CRA Auditing Assistance

Every business requires professional auditing assistance. We are trained professionally to represent our clients officially. Let us handle your auditing process and save you from CRA stress. We have the experience and the skills required to deal with CRA and the entire auditing process.

Tax Services

Let our tax experts prepare your personal and corporate income tax returns. We know tax filing and auditing is a complicated job but not for us. We have the knowledge and expertise required to manage your taxes efficiently. Let us handle your taxation needs, prepare and pay taxes in compliance with the new laws. Let us save you from tax stress.

Our Services

Services For Self Employed Individuals

Financial statements audit by a licensed public accountants in Ontario is usually required by contractual agreement of fund raising, financing, regulations or by-laws.

Book Keeping Services, Our fundamental objective is to ease the process of document processing by providing simplified methods. We ensure that you’re provided with a simple, easy to follow system. We are experts in virtual bookkeeping services provided by Quickbooks online portal.

We have 30+ years of experience in preparation of Income taxes for corporations, self-employed personnel, professionals, and individuals. Our goal is always to minimize this major expense of our clients.

Our Part-time controller administrations help the board to settle on better choices through spending plan, budgetary examination, business conjecture and projections, business process streamline.

Services For Businesses

We offer a wide range of services to Dentists, Family Doctors, and other Medical Specialists. Services range from bookkeeping, financial statements, Tax-planning, compilation, audits, and review.

Accountants for private businesses in Ontario provide business owners convenient, cost effective and value-added services in accounting, audit, and tax to ensure up to date, accurate reporting and maximum tax saving.

ANG CPA Professionals offer services for Non-Profit organizations in Ontario at a cost-effective rate. We offer accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and part-time controller services.

We offer services to individuals in a self-employed professional capacity such as engineers, architects, realtors etc. with an emphasis on maximal profits while ensuring we cover all expenses. Contact us today to get free consultation.

Services For Lawyers

As an accountant for Lawyers in GTA, Our Firm are well equipped to ensure that your books are being completed in accordance with The Law Society of Ontario’s stringent requirements. we do monthly Trust and General bank reconciliations. We correct the data entries if needed. We provide guidance for data entry and billing.

Our professional PC-LAW Bookkeepers are available to train your Law Firm’s existing staff in the use of PC Law and other software for your financial record-keeping. We maintain the record keeping in accordance with the requirements of Law Society of Ontario.

As an chartered professional accountants of Ontario  for Lawyers in GTA, Our Firm provides our clients with the highest quality of service with respect to all their tax needs.

Our staff members are specialized in handling the spot audits of law firms whenever it is needed. We stand with you on the day of spot audits from Law Society of Ontario. We understand the requirements of Law society to complete a spot audit efficiently.


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