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Accounting Services in Ontario

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Is Your Company Based in Ontario?

There is a chance for your company to grow more.

Entrepreneurs dream to expand their business operations, increase their market share, and make huge sums of money. What is bad about it? It is all about money, cash management, auditing, and taxes. Your company needs your expertise to expand beyond borders. Therefore, it is the right time to hire accounting experts for your company’s accounting and cash management.

A N G CPA Professional Corporation provides the best accounting services in Ontario. If your company is also based in Ontario, then you will be very lucky to avail our professional accounting services to grow your business.

Are You Looking for an Accredited Accounting Firm in Ontario?

We are experienced accountants who will manage your accounting needs.

A N G CPA Professional Corporation has almost 30 years of experience in this field. Each year we update our operations to make them secure and efficient. We cannot afford to compromise on our core values. We cannot let our clients down. We are experts who are responsible for making your business accounting easy and affordable.

Every business requires accounting services. It depends on the company size whether to hire a full-time accountant or a part-time controller. We provide both services concerning your company’s needs. So that you do not need to worry about your additional costs for hiring full-time accountants.

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Looking for more facts to rely on us? Here are some points that will define our credibility;


Affordable Rates

Accountants may not be hired on a low budget but A N G CPA Professional Corporation can be hired. We cater to all businesses and all company sizes. We offer specialized services based on your company structure at a much affordable rate. We never compromise on our service quality.

Specialized Professionals

It is not all about bookkeeping and cash management, your business requires services more than that. Your company needs to make financial plans, budgeting reports, auditing reports, manage payrolls, and prepare your taxes. At A N G CPA Professional Corporation, we are specialized professionals responsible for each service. So that you do not have to worry about it at all.

Tailored Services4

Tailored Services

All certified accounting firms do not provide customized services to their clients. A N G CPA Professional Corporation analyses your business structure, identifies your accounting needs, prioritizes them for your business, and then offers the best plan to you. So, your company size or your business model is not a problem for us at all. We serve to all.

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Want to Know More?

Our Accounting Services Includes

We know that you require more than bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping Services

Let us worry about your books so that you may relax for a while. Let us maintain your daily records, prepare financial statements, and update you beforehand. Bookkeeping is time-taking, spend time wisely by hiring us. We offer desktop and online bookkeeping services. Our cloud-based accounting system will update you on each record so that you may check anytime you want.

Handling Audit

If you have not hired a professional accountant to handle official audits then you might face problems in the long-run. There are chances that your company might be audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. If you do not have the experts to handle such audits professionally, you will face penalties. We are experienced in handling official audits professionally. If we are your accountants then there are very few chances of being audited by the CRA.

Tax Services

Let us handle your personal and corporate income taxes. Our tax experts have the experience and the expertise to manage taxes accurately. We know that preparing taxes, paying them on time and avoiding complications is all that your business needs. So, let us handle all of them professionally. Let us keep your tax situation up to date with the tax laws and update you on any tax benefits beforehand.

Are You Ready to Collaborate?

Entrepreneurs it is time for growth.

Every businessperson needs to take a step to collaborate with the right firm to grow his business profitably. Everyone has a chance to do so by selecting the most feasible option. In this case, giving your accounting work to A N G CPA Professional Corporation is a profitable choice.