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Accounting Services in Toronto

Providing Professional Accounting Services Since 1990

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Is Your Business Located in Toronto?

Whether big or small a business is a business.

Your business size does not matter to us. We are qualified accountants, at A N G CPA Professional Corporation and serve quality services to all businesses. Every business requires accounting, cash management, tax management, and regular bookkeeping services. We provide these services to all small and medium-sized businesses located in Toronto.

Toronto is competitive. There is no time to manage everything yourself. You need professional assistance with your accounting. Your business requires accounting expertise. You need to hire a permanent accountant or hire an accredited accounting firm to handle it professionally. Therefore, it is best to let the accounting firm manage your accounting needs virtually.

Are You Looking for the Best Accounting Services in Toronto?

We provide affordable accounting services.

Not only do small businesses have financial constraints, but MNCs can also be tight on budget. We value your money. We prioritize our services based on your accounting needs and we do not compromise on our quality.

Whether you be a lawyer, a dentist, or a businessman we know that your business requires bookkeeping, accounting, handling audits and tax management services. A N G CPA Professional Corporation commits to manage all your accounting and tax needs without you worrying about it. We can handle your bookkeeping tasks, payrolls, and taxes and handle official audits.

Hire Us

Are you searching for more details before hiring us? Not to worry a lot, here are some plus points that you might be searching of;

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Affordable Solutions

Small business owners might not be ready to hire a full-time accountant. Therefore, we provide tailored accounting services to small business owners saving their additional costs. Our experts will manage your accounting activities, review and compile reports, prepare bank reconciliations and update you on your employee's payrolls. This will save your time, money, and resources.


Accredited Business

Hiring an accounting firm requires authentication and credibility. Any business person might not be willing to take this risk. Therefore, we would like to eliminate this obstacle from your business growth. A N G CPA Professional Corporation is serving businesses since 1990 and is proud to be an accredited accounting service company in Toronto.

Cloud Accounting

Every business wants a reliable bookkeeping service. Hiring a permanent accountant and monitoring his work is time-consuming. Buying accounting software and spending time on learning it is also costly. However, getting online accounting services from the local market with great years of professionalism seems to be a preferred choice. A N G CPA Professional Corporation is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest cloud accounting systems to make your business accounting processes easy.

What You Will Get

Time and money are the most important resources. You should use them wisely to expand your business.

Bookkeeping Services

Let us save you some time for your family. Let us manage your books and update them regularly. We aim to work proficiently while managing your accounts using QuickBooks. This will help you to keep track of your daily activities securely while giving you more time to relax and spend on your business planning. We also provide desktop bookkeeping services along with online bookkeeping services. It all depends on your business needs.

Handling Audit

There are chances that your company might be selected for the Canada Revenue Agency audit. If you have not hired a professional accountant to handle these audits professionally, you might face penalties from the officials. To eliminate this risk, it is best to hire us. Our experts are trained for it and our clients hardly get audited. However, if you have hired us from the very beginning there are very few chances of being audited, if so, it will not result in a tax increment. Therefore, hiring our experienced accountants is the best option. We can also assist you with both accounting and tax services in Toronto.

Tax Services

Let us handle your personal and corporate income taxes. We have 30 years of experience in handling corporate taxes and our tax experts are well aware of the income tax laws followed across Canada. Therefore, let us prepare and pay your taxes on time and update you on any tax benefits if available. This will help you save your time and you will enjoy professional tax management services at affordable rates.

Are You Ready for the Big Step?

It is time to expand your business across Toronto.

Your business growth is dependent upon you. You need the time and money for expansion and to gain more customers. Save your time by letting us worry about your accounting needs.