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Things to do and avoid while managing a remote workforce


Due to the surge of COVID 19, the government has given stay-at-home orders which have given birth to many challenges for businesses. Many companies are adapting telework policies. Due to which most of the employees are finding it difficult to adapt themselves to the virtual world. COVID 19 has reshaped how businesses work. Thus, it has become imperative for businesses to initiate a smart virtual workforce plan.

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Practicing remote workforce management effectively can lead to increased productivity. To give employers some guidance, we are here to help you with tips on how to manage a remote workforce effectively.

Challenges faced by remote workforce management

Some common challenges faced by employees are:

  • Lack of access to proper tools and technology like appropriate video conferencing tools, high-speed internet, and much more.
  • Homely environment impacts productivity due to lack of on head supervision for example late email replies, not attending phone calls, late submission, or errors in bookkeeping.
  • The feeling of isolation leads to low morale hence, affects work productivity. According to a buffer survey, 19% of employees feel loneliness is their biggest struggle.
  • Fails to keep the balance between personal and professional life due to many distractions. Most of the employees don’t own huge houses that have separate rooms. All your family members in one room including your kids

How to overcome the challenges and manage the remote workforce effectively?

Managing a remote workforce is not an easy job but it has proved to be productive. We have identified the challenges faced, now let’s discuss the methodologies to help overcome those challenges and manage the remote workforce effectively.


  1. Provide access to critical tools to your employees

The most important aspect of managing a remote workforce effectively is to make all the critical tools available for your employees. Identify and list down things your company employees need to make telecommuting transition easier. Invest in reliable tools to improve your workflow.

They might need the following things:

  • Software programs
  • IT equipment like laptops, desktops or ipad
  • Corporate credit card
  • Internet access
  • Printer ( communicate clearly spending limits)


Train your employees with the knowledge of the latest computer software

To be able to work from home, employees should have strong knowledge of computer software and the use of IT equipment. Train your employees with the basic knowledge. Open them options to contact IT support or consultancy.

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Always provide platforms to collaborate


Casual workplace interaction boosts team spirit hence increases productivity. The remote workforce might take extra time to break the ice again.

Email, regular text messages, and video conferences are essential components for remote interaction. Check-in meetings can enhance online interaction. Software like the zoom is the topmost digital collaboration tool that allows remote workers to chat via face-to-face video calls. They can update about their work progress and review each other’s goals.


Create a positive environment to energize your workforce


An engaged remote force reinforces a healthy environment. Use technology to celebrate small events like birthday or company celebrations when it hits a milestone. Small occasions of happiness and celebrations which recognize the efforts of your employees can motivate them to work harder. Develop a healthy working environment that improves the mental well-being of employees. Establish bonds and keep checks on your employees frequently.

Track your employees’ progress

Provide your employees with a work schedule with tasks they have to submit within the given deadlines. It all depends on the type of job and the person handling it. But the supervisor needs to keep a check on whether the employee is doing well. Identify and try to eliminate bottlenecks. Discuss plans for improvement and professional development. Answer all their questions to avoid any mistake further.

 Manage your team like a pro

To make telecommunication work, efforts from employers and employees both are required for a healthy working environment to thrive. The way you manage your workforce will determine your success and potential growth. In 2021, remote work will become a requirement for every business. Hence business needs to adopt new methods to stay ahead.

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