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Small Business Accounting Services

Assisting Small Businesses Since 1990

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Does Small Really Matter?

Small is the new big!

Size does not matter when you are planning to grow. Every business is looking for growth. The stages might differ but the goal is the same. A N G CPA Professional Corporation does not distinguish businesses based on its size. Small businesses or start-ups are aiming for survival. Later, they might aim for growth. However, they all require money management.

A N G CPA Professional Corporation has been offering accounting services to small businesses for the past 30 years. We value small. Our team of experts understand your business goal, business structure, manage your cash flows and prepare the best financial reports for great investments. We are ready to help your small business grow into an industry giant.

Do Small Businesses Require Accountants?

Small businesses require money managers.

Money is essential for all. It is the most vital for small business owners. Every penny is worth it. Therefore, investing money in getting the right resources is of the utmost importance.

Hiring a full-time chartered accountant with years of professional experience will not benefit your small business. Your business needs to grow by investing wisely. Therefore, hiring an accounting firm will benefit your business growth. But selecting the best service provider is the key point.

Looking for The Best Small Business Accounting Services?

Want to hire experts but at an affordable rate? Check out our details that match with your business needs;

Affordable Rates

Money is valuable for small business owners. Not all businesses are looking for heavy investments. But they do not want to risk it as well. Therefore, selecting an expert accountant that matches the company's needs and respects confidentiality is integral. We at A N G CPA Professional Corporation provide expert accounting and tax services at affordable rates with complete confidentiality for small businesses.

Professional Services

Creating a balance between accounting costs and professionalism may become risky for small business owners. Therefore, expertise should not be compromised. All accounting and tax services should be rendered from a certified accounting company. To avoid risks, invest for value. We are providing professional accounting services for the past 30 years for all businesses. It is time to hire us.


Price, value and quality can never be compromised. In the case of accounting and tax services quality of service is vital. Our experienced accountants are providing quality services since 1990. For us, quality comes from professionalism. We believe in work ethics. We respect your data privacy and integrity. We are a reliable accounting firm best suitable for small business needs.

We Value Your Money.

We Offer Free Consultation for Small Businesses.

What Do We Offer?

For small businesses, we offer more than bookkeeping services. You can enjoy a mix of our accounting services anytime.

Bookkeeping Services

Let us maintain your books regularly. We understand that recording business transaction and updating books is a lot for small business owners. Therefore, let us handle your books and save you some time for business planning. We use an online bookkeeping program to manage your books remotely. You can easily check your books anytime from your mobile phone with our virtual bookkeeping system. We also do monthly bank reconciliation accurately and on a timely basis.

Tax Services

Let us manage your income taxes. So that you may get some time to spend with your family. We know the tax laws and have 30 years of experience in it. We have tax experts who manage personal and corporate income taxes so that you would not miss a date. Our experts are updated with the new income tax laws and regulations that you can rely upon.

Handling Audit

There are chances that the Canada Revenue Agency will audit your books and records. If you do not have an experienced accountant to handle this audit you may face problems. We have the experience and the expertise required to handle such audits. If we are your accountants then you do not have to worry about it. Once you hire us from the beginning then there are very few chances of a CRA audit. However, if the audit comes, we will handle it professionally.

Let Us Grow Together

Your small business requires A N G CPA Professional Corporation accounting services for growth.

It is not easy for a small business to beat the intense competition without professional assistance.